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Legal Consultants

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Griessel Consulting is a legal- and labour law consultancy that provides businesses with legal- and business advice. We are based in Johannesburg (South Africa), but are able to provide services to clients everywhere.

Our Aim

To guide businesses towards minimising legal risks, increasing efficiencies, fair treatment of staff and running smoother operations.

Our Vision

To offer the best services to our clients. To always act with integrity and in the best interest of the business, and to provide effective, defensible and practical solutions.

Our Mission

To provide quality professional services at resonable fees.

Our Focus

Risk management from a legal perspective -
• Employment relations (labour law)
• Privacy protection 
• Strategic legal solutions 

• Corporate governance

• Construction law

Our services range from advice and consultation on an ad hoc basis, to hands-on assessments, evaluation and implementation, as may be required. 

  • We are legal professionals who offer unique insights into strategic business development, employment relations and risk management within legal parameters. We add particular value to your HR-function by assisting practitioners and managers with conflict situations and guiding responses from a legal- and strategic perspective.


  • We are familiar with unionised environments and have been involved in all aspects of employment relations management - e.g. discipline, performance, CCMA disputes. We regularly chair internal enquiries.

  • Business restructuring, facilitation of business transfers and retrenchment processes are dealt with frequently.   


  • Our advice and guidance in respect of legal compliance and risk management include drafting contracts (employment and commercial), policies, employment equity, accommodating diversity, construction law, shareholder relationships and corporate governance.

  • We conduct management briefings and training workshops on all aspects of labour law, general legal compliance within the business environment, construction law and privacy/data protection.

  • We collaborate with high-level Human Resources- and Remuneration specialists when such services are required. (See our Associates)

We are available to step in and assist clients hands-on. We can work alongside managers or guide and advise them as needed. We will handle those conflict situations and tough negotiations for you. 

Do you -

•    have staff problems?
•    need training for your managers?
•    need a disciplinary chairperson?
•    want to send your business in a new direction?
•    need contracts and policies that are updated and efficient?
•    need a remuneration and reward system?
•    want to sell, transfer or restructure your business?

•    need assistance with privacy and data security?

Don't know where to start? Let us help you.

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Strategic solutions

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