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Judith Griessel


B.Iuris - LLB
Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator
Labour Law
Privacy and Data Protection


B.Iuris - LLB - LLM
Risk Management
Corporate Governance
Labour Law
Privacy and Data Protection

Pieter Griessel

Our Directors are admitted advocates to the High Court of South Africa and have a combined experience of 43 years in the corporate- and business environments. Litigation skills have been honed by serving as prosecutors and then magistrates prior to moving into the private sector, and further by representing employers at the CCMA. Our Associates include highly skilled and experienced Human Resources professionals and a Master Remuneration/Reward Specialist.

We have a holistic approach and we focus as much on preventing potential problems as we do on resolving the issue at hand. We look at the bigger picture towards finding strategic solutions for organisational development. We are not merely legal advisors or employment relations specialists. We are in the unique position of being able to recommend practical solutions within the framework of legal compliance, based on extensive practical experience. 

We are professionals who have dealt with individuals and concerns from all walks of life. We are as comfortable explaining something to a general assistant as we are chairing disciplinary hearings for executive management or negotiating with service providers. We can work alongside managers or guide and advise them as needed. Our legal knowledge combined with corporate- and practical staff management experience, enable us to identify and pre-empt potential risks and to offer workable and strategic solutions.

Our clients are from various industries such as construction, wholesale and retail, private education, hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, financial, medical, travel, property development, entertainment and events. 


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